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SZ is a digital publication published 4 times a year, available as a single issue or full-year subscription.  Each issue contains information on the latest research, recovery techniques and real life examples of people who are living with and recovering from schizophrenia, schizoaffective and psychosis.

Current Feature Articles:

Pillar 1: Spirituality

Sunshine Over a Mountaintop

Pillar 2: Relationships

Mixed-race Handshake

Pillar 3: Family

Family Motivational Quote

Pillar 4: Mental and Physical Health

Long Train Tracks and Blue Sky

Pillar 5: Vocation, Volunteering, and Career

Volunteers This Way

Pillar 6: Finances

Calculator, Receipts and Pen

Columns in the Spotlight:

  • Understanding Your Illness
  • Introducing the Bright Future Program
  • Recovery Story of Ronald Black

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